Stories behind our work

Each week we are fortunate enough to be able to cultivate relationships with the people we encounter.  Each person’s story has touched us in some way.  Here are a few.  



meet adrian

Meet Adrian. He was walking around the streets today, in the middle of a snowstorm, in rubber crocs with soaking wet socks. He walks over and asks if we had any extra shoes. Since the weather was bad and we decided to drive our individual cars in and not “the vessel” (our service bus) we didn’t have anything but food.  Remembering i quickly grabbed an Amazon box from my front porch and threw it in my car before i left i brought him over to check. I asked him what size he was, “a 12!” As i opened the box i smiled ear to ear under my mask seeing a brand new pair of size 12 fleece lined boots. “Here you go buddy! All yours!” As he quickly hopped into my trunk and took his wet shoes off and slipped his feet into these brand new boots he said, “thank you this is the best birthday present ever. I turn 26 on Valentine’s Day.” Thank you Adrian for this blessing, this was a beautiful gift to us and a sign from God to keep it up. As he walked away so happy with his new shoes and his old shoes left behind in my trunk I couldn’t help but remember what Mother Teresa said, “treat each one like they are Jesus in disguise.”🥾🙏