"Each one of them is Jesus in diguise."-Mother Teresa


Dream big. Pray bigger.✨

I’ve had a dream to have a “free” food/needs truck (a bus of blessings!) for those in need and our homeless friends since my heart was called to service 10 years ago and today that dream came true. Payment in smiles, fist bumps and hugs (when we can again)!

Today we welcome “The Vessel” to the wGtNJ family! This will enable us to reach more, serve more and love more! This isn’t for me or our team this is for the men, women and children we serve. If you want to donate your time, talents or any items please reach out! Anyone with a heart to serve we want you along for the ride!!! ✨

✖️wGtNJ aims to grow relationships by giving our time and love to the struggling, the deserving, the hungry, the forgotten and the lost. We strive to serve as God’s hands and feet on Earth and act as a vessel for those with hearts to give. We aspire to achieve this through the support and generosity of our donors and volunteers.✖️ 💛🙏

Prayer in action is love. Love in action is service. -Mother Teresa

(Thank you to our amazing angel Raina Koterba for believing in us and making this possible)

Follow our journey & watch the transformation of our new ride as it’s getting ready for some sick artwork & renovations !!!
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Today we had the privilege of meeting Jesse, he was walking around with one sock on and no shoes. Thanks to the donations of a weGodthis supporter, we were able to hand him a brand new box of fresh new kicks and new socks.  He was beyond grateful. Being able to sit with him, watch him lace up and see his smile when we realized they fit like a glove was priceless.

In the midst of these hard times and getting wrapped up in the sadness over things that We are missing or will be missing, he instantly gave us perspective and reminded us to focus on all that we are grateful for 💛 thanks for this gift Jesse, it’s more than We could ever give to you.  

Today Jesse wanted to say “Thank You” for his new shoes thanks to weGodthis supporters! Every donation literally makes SUCH a difference!!!!!! 🙏🌍❤️#WGTNJ